Saturday, October 8, 2016

In WI, Margaret Farrow still OK with Donald The Groper

Even Wisconsin's famously waffling Republican Governor Scott Walker said Donald Trump's remarks were "inexcusable" - - in a heartfelt tweet of five words - - but former Wisconsin GOP Lt. Gov. Margaret Farrow missed the fresh talking point text so begs to differ: 
Former Lt. Gov. Margaret Farrow, part of a coalition of Wisconsin women supporting the GOP nominee, defended Trump, noting the comments were made 11 years ago before he was running for president and were recorded without his knowledge. However, she said she raised her own sons not to use that kind of language. 
“I’m more interested in keeping our country safe and bringing back jobs,” Farrow said, commenting before Ryan’s announcement late Friday. “On those two points I think he stands head and shoulders above Hillary Clinton.”



City: Kenosha, Madison
County: Kenosha, Dane
Margaret Farrow was the first woman to serve as lieutenant governor in Wisconsin.


Buffy Riley said...

Wow. I keep hearing apologists saying Trump said this eleven years ago and he was younger then and should have known better. He was 59 eleven years ago! Geez!

Anonymous said...

And...she currently sits on the Board of Regents. How's that for a role model for the Wisconsin Idea?

Anonymous said...