Friday, October 7, 2016

I see nothing from Walker about Tic Tac Trump tonight

[Update] Paul Ryan has weighed in on Donald Trump's bragging about assaulting women. Reince Priebus has weighed in. Mitt Romney has weighed in. Mitch McConnell has weighed in. The entire political culture has weighed in.

But, so far, not the Wisconsin Governor who had endorsed Trump despite a year of insults and falsehoods, who has endorsed him for President and was going to appear on stage with Trump in Elkhorn Saturday.

Update - - I'd missed by 18 minutes Scott Walker's five-word tweet. Glad to correct the record, weak as are Walker's words which do not suggest a non-endorsement.

Scott Walker
Inexcusable. Trump's comments are inexcusable.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Now Scotty's found enough time to find the comments "inexcusable." He's still endorsing him and finds him more ethical than Hillary, but Drumpf just made the mistake of having those comments be reported,and now it hurts GOP candidates.

That the real "inexcusable" part for Scotty- how Trump hurts the GOP. These disgusting comments are supposed to stay at the country clubs and the fundraisers, not be out in public like this.

Anonymous said...

He didn't need more than 5 words, just enough for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to claim he took a "big and bold" stand against tRump. This is just setting Walker up for a 2-year national tour for the White House in 2020 if he can wrestle it away from fellow Koch stooge Michael Pence.