Monday, December 8, 2014

Wash Post column drops Walker to 5th place in '16 sweepstakes

You may remember I passed on to you that The Washington Post's go-to political column "The Fix" had Walker ranked 4th among potential GOP presidential nominees a few months ago, but now the column's author Chris Cizzilla has dropped Walker to fifth.

Coincidentally, this fresh New York Times story about major GOP donors coalescing around an anointed pick to avoid a primary bloodbath does not list Walker among the top candidates.

I know, I know - - 2016 is a long way off, but 2015 isn't and and key pre-caucus events in Iowa are right around the corner, as noted here.

Let's hope national media use their emerging interest in and access to Walker to ask him in his current 'No-Opinion-Don't-Ask-Me' phase about the game he is playing right now with the right-to-work work for less bill, and about a few other things I'd enumerated here with links, or as suggested Google exercises:
"Walker secret router," "Amtrak, wasted millions," Kelly Rindfleisch, "Walker ultrasound, "Tim Russell, "state airplane misuse," and "GTac mining $700,000."
Not to mention "Walker original Tea Party Wisconsin."
This one, "Walker false PolitiFact" may break the Internet.
And this one is there for the picking: "Walker meeting."
Also "Walker Marquette dropout 2.59."
And, of course, "Walker John Doe."
Which on this blog alone locates 152 links. Such as this one.

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