Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Walker serves Jeb Bush a side order of word salad

Our man Walker - - fresh from swiping at an intern and mumbling something incomprehensible about Cuba being no Saudi Arabia - - tossed out Wednesday afternoon yet another of his patented and expanding list of syntax-challenged, off-sounding statements.

Today's wacky wording was in response to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush's bold move towards a 2016 presidential campaign declaration.

Yet Walker's Preposterous Presidential Pratfall Tour seems have left potential rival Bush, shall we say, unintimidated.

Today's Walker grapple with the English language wasn'
t the part about not following Jeb Bush's lead and emptying his official email cache for all to see - - Doe D'oh, are you kidding?

It was this part:
You look at his [Bush's] past as governor and the stuff he talks about, he often has a whole theme of things he does. And I think it's as simple as that."
Simple as what, exactly? 


Sue said...

In a perfect world Sarah Palin would run for president and these two would at some point be on the same primary debate stage.

Anonymous said...

He's a vast suppository of information.

Anonymous said...

Walker makes Palin look like genius. The last two presidential campaign type statements walker has made are impossible to understand. It is impossible to comprehend his rise in politics.

Anonymous said...

Man when he can't restate talking points over and over or has to go off script he is unintelligible. God must have told him to speak in tongues or he thinks he's Jesus and is using parables so only those who are truly his followers can understand his message.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that we NEED him as prez as much as we miss the dubya and all?

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, every time Walker opens his mouth a lot of words come out, but nothing of substance. It is strange how many people think he is really saying something important. If only they could comprehend that he isn't, they would have never voted him back in office.

Anonymous said...