Wednesday, December 17, 2014

That intern is wrecking everything in Walker's office again

True to form, Gov. Never-Mistaken offers up a lower-level scapegoat instead of saying, ''I'm sorry,  or 'my bad' when an error is made on his watch, in his name, for his political benefit, or in his own words on major policy and performance matters.

The latest culprit: Interns! Turns out they do more than swipe extra doughnuts.

* When Walker's name was found at the bottom of his now-infamous letter addressed to a leading member of Milwaukee's Jewish community that substituted the word "Molotov" for the congratulatory phrase "Mazel Tov", Walker gestured down the food chain as far as his finger could point:
"It's quite possible that was done by an intern or someone on staff who never actually sent the letter off," Walker said Tuesday.
*  The workplace chupacabra bedeviling Walker operations had also struck when the page-count of high-profile jobs plan released by his 2010 campaign was inflated to contain one more page than opponent Tom Barrett's more detailed plan by displaying Walker's document in giant type. (A side-by-side comparison, here.)

You'll have to settle for that example, as the Walker campaign has removed the item from its website.

Walker didn't take responsibility for the deception, but did slap down a junior campaign aide who called attention it. Problem solved.

*  You know - - those cut-ups! What the kids won't do today, like the "overzealous political associates" the Journal Sentinel board said were at the heart of criminality unearthed by prosecutors at Walker's 2010 County Executive offices. Some of whom are or about to be interning in various correctional settings,

*  Not long ago, Walker made a national list in The Washington Post of public officials who shunted off responsibility on an embarrassing underling:
A campaign staffer, who had previously been an intern, sent a fundraising appeal for the campaign of Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) asking people to give money to Walker’s reelection rather than go shopping on Black Friday for their kids. The staffer also had a series of offensive tweets on her personal account. Explanation: “We didn’t know about them. I think like most employers, we don’t spend time going back trying to find out years and years ago what people may or may not have said in social media,” Walker said, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. The staffer was fired.


Rick Horowitz said...

Aliens. It's also quite possible it was written by aliens...

Anonymous said...

I have a theory... it might be bunnies

James Rowen said...

Callling Elmer Fudd.

CJ said...

Walker's first version of the story was that it was a typo.

Now it's an intern? Wait, maybe it's a plant by the people who are getting tired of my shiny bald spot and injured thumb stories. Yeah, that's it....

Bice, Sykes, help me out here.

Anonymous said...

This is just like "W" Bush when reporters asked him about mistakes he wish he could have done differently. He got that silly smirk on his face and couldn't think of one mistake that he had made. Scotty.... he don't make no mistakes, somebody else always does. Tonette has to be a saint to live with this ego maniac.

Anonymous said...

Yucan see why the Left is totally stupid, if this is the wrost that they can find on Scott. does anyone besides the ahters care. You htink that the peole that are the ehart of Wisconsin, the working people csre about this crap?? that is why you are losing everywhere dummies.