Thursday, December 11, 2014

Walker earns big time NYC media...but as "simple-minded"

You really don't want this lede atop a story in a big-circulation daily paper in the country's biggest city with the biggest Jewish population on the same day your fellow GOP governor and possible presidential wannabe competitor Rick Perry affirms you don't need a high IQ to run for President.

Said The New York Daily News
Oy vey. Simple-minded Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appears to not know the difference between a common Hebrew phrase and a homemade grenade.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!! That's gotta burn ol Scotty's butt. I bet some secretary from his County Executive days will now come forward and fall on the sword in exchange for a hidden exchange of cash. This isn't over yet as Scotty always finds someone to blame. Of course he's run out of things to blame on Doyle and Obama so this will some how tie into Mary Burke or Trek as to blame!

Anonymous said...

I don't think people care. They will support a politician who is a moron if he says the things they want to hear. If they think he will support their causes and sign their pet bills they will give him money and votes. Walker has the touch. He can raise money and get votes. He is like Reagan - made of Teflon and dumb as dirt.