Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Walker & Co. tactic to shut down family planning clinics


By suddenly, and unannounced letter, demanding millions of dollars in repayments from clinics over services billed to the state at state-set rates - - but at rates the state is now saying were wrongly applied - - for five years.

And if that over-the-top reimbursement tactic fails, the state could engineer an increase in the wholesale cost of contraceptive drugs which the clinics obtain, thus upending clinic budgets and revenues, even forcing them to close, clinic operators say.

Using bureaucracy to retroactively change drug pricing, and/or boost the cost going forward - - Walker's goal is the same: harass theses clinics, disrupt and end the invaluable services they provide principally to low-income Wisconsin women.

Call it another Walker change-the-rules tactic on behalf of his friends  - - this time the so-called Right to Life movement which Walker has already served by outright shutting down some Planned Parenthood facilities.

I'll add it to Walker's hit list now too voluminous to easily repost.


Anonymous said...

Why? Is this just to attempt to shrink government, or is it spiteful, hatred of poor people. Man's inhumanity to man or woman is inhumane.

Why do Republicans spend so much time planning ways to hurt other people? Do they have no souls? We know they have no compassion or empathy.

I guess with them in power, we will see much more of their inhumanity to other humans in the near future. It is shameful and sad.

Anonymous said...

One way or another this guy finds away to be vindictive to anyone or any program that he doesn't like. He will go the extra mile to stomp on people.....teachers, public employees, unions the poor, those receiving assistance, gay people, environmentalists, native Americans, women, wolves, clean air and water.

Anonymous said...

Sure is a good thing milwaukee journal sentinel supported walker during the election and amplified each of his dishonest media ads by printing it as headline news or featuring it for days-on-end on their website.

Good thing we have that "purple" blog to tell the truth and counter the corporate propaganda!

Anonymous said...

If Walker is the result of growing up in a Christian household, then all I can say is no thanks. I would rather stay out of the church and be a decent but God fearing human being. I just don't get how you turn out this way growing up as he did. Although, I do personally know kids of other preachers, and they are all self-serving brats.

Anonymous said...

Dumb, Walker has nothing to do with prices or audits it is all procedure. The state most likely screwed up and did not process order correctly. It is state mess.
Bob Dohna,l RPh I worked with them for 50 years.