Thursday, December 25, 2014

NY Times Christmas gift shows Jeb Bush is no Scott Walker

Probable GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush's official emails from his Florida governorship that are analyzed in The New York Times this Christmas Day appear to be free of content and/or connections to an office management plan that utilized secret Internet routers and email strings, sub rosa coordination with campaigns and funders, staffers who exchanged racist jokes or stole veterans' program funds or worked illegally on public time for partisan candidates' fundraising and scheduling.

So far, no one's come up with a speech he gave warning people in Palm Beach to support him lest Florida become another Miami.

Or discovered a memo he read to his staff listing the The Top Ten Ways you can tell if you're probably a public employee. (Sample: "You have a Democratic Congressman's li[s permanently attached to your butt.")

Or a once-secret campaign donation routed through a favored third-party from a corporation he had encouraged to dig an open pit mine in The Everglades.

Don't get me wrong. Jeb has Right Stuff, but compared to rival Scott Walker, probably not the Right Stuff for the Tea Party/GOP 2016 base. 

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