Monday, December 8, 2014

I wish the media chasing Brett Favre today...

...would follow Scott Walker on the campaign trail with the same wall-to-wall frenzied vigor.


Anonymous said...

I wish they would too. And, when they do ask him those questions, make him give a detailed answer rather than one of those canned answers he always comes up with that have no substance.

Anonymous said...

walker stated directly in fake koch call that the pack was a distraction -- and he is right.

The repugs can ass and walker can sign rape-you-cat-or-dog bills if the packers go deep into the playoffs or the superbowl, and no one will notice.

You think wtmj-am or milwaukee journal sentinel will say "boo" if walker "drops a bomb" while the pack is still playing?

Nope -- and the rest of the media will do likewise. You don't become the most polarized state in America without some pretty hefty liftin' by the media.

Expect the usual suspects to play into walker's hands -- pack in playoff -- extreme legislation and enacted laws are not going to be reported in any meaningful way.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I've said for years that we cover and analyze sports more honestly than we do politics. Likely because we disregard hacks in sports because we can see the outcomes without excuse.

But when Scott Walker underperforms like UW football did against Ohio State on Saturday, why doesn't media be equally honest about the failure.