Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wisconsin is not the land of second chances

To its uncharitable chief executive with his inflexible and unflinching certitude, "pardon me" these days in Wisconsin is only relevant in a crowded check-out lane, but still funny in an NRA kind of way, the always political Walker notes:
One issue on which Walker stood firm was his refusal, alone among at least the past six Wisconsin governors, to grant pardons to persons convicted of crimes. He feels strongly that he should not be able to "discount" the workings of the justice system by exercising this power, adding that systems of redress are already in place for those wrongfully convicted.
Walker said he most commonly gets pardon requests on behalf of people who made some youthful indiscretion but turned their lives around and now want to be able to go hunting with their children. He wonders, "What about all those other individuals who may not have an advocate but who have equally turned their lives around?"
Besides, he noted, somewhat jokingly, individuals barred from gun possession due to felony convictions can still bow hunt.
We know Walker has confused his Bible quotin' with recollectin' Chinese proverbs, but he might want to look at this long list of Biblical quotes about forgiveness and second chances the next time he waxes philosophically.

Forgiveness has been around for a long time - - even before 2011:
Rembrandt – “The Return of the Prodigal Son

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