Monday, December 15, 2014

Again, a tone-deaf "tip" from the WI DNR

We've seen the agency send out a "Clean air tip of the week" by email that parodies the real world and the DNR's Walkerite tendency to ignore, or undermine it, and this week's - - in light of Walker's pro-utility attack on solar energy and the DNR's related assault on clean, green technologies - - continues this twisted pattern.

This one could be labeled 'count the solar panels Walker prefers go away.'

Clean Air Tip of the Week

For the week of December 14, 2014:
"While traveling this holiday season, keep busy with this car game...count the number of solar panels you see. These panels can be installed on homes, buildings, in a field, or attached to a road sign. More road signs and traffic signals are being designed to use solar technology to power the lights. For more information, visit US DOT [exit DNR]."


Anonymous said...

I wonder who writes these. This one might be construed as a poke in the eye to Walker.

Anonymous said...

It seems like no one at that agency has their sh#& together. They stand strong against alternative green energy only to suggest that we all play a game by looking for the very solar panels which they despise.

Boxer said...

I interpret this latest DNR chirping as "report the solar panels you count, and make note of their location/s so that we can go there later and make sure the sun-takers are paying for their share of the grid!