Thursday, December 25, 2014

NY Times discloses Bucks' secret weapon; other uses?

Amazing find by The New York Times.
When two financiers purchased the Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million last April, they not only promised to pour more than money and new management into the moribund franchise, but also the same kind of creative and critical thinking that had helped make them hedge fund billionaires.
It was not enough to increase the franchise’s sales force or beef up the team’s analytics department — the Bucks were looking for a more elusive edge. So in May, the team hired Dan Hill, a facial coding expert who reads the faces of college prospects and N.B.A. players to determine if they have the right emotional attributes to help the Bucks.
Another subject for this technology:


Anonymous said...

Who ever would have thought that Wisconsin's motto, "Forward", would come to mean where the state's Tea Bagger representatives got their lobotomies?

Anonymous said...

Look at the picture of our piece of s--- governor. Gertrude Stein said it.. There's no there there.