Monday, December 29, 2014

Tosa man not sure if 14 police shots were excessive

Though the case has received national publicity, there is at least one local man who isn't sure he has enough information to decide if the Milwaukee police officer should have been charged criminally after killing Dontre Hamilton, an unarmed African-American, who'd been sleeping lawfully in a park.

I know it's an amazing coincidence, but the same man, a Wauwatosa resident, has been asked before about newsworthy events and couldn't offer an informed opinion. What are the odds?

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Anonymous said...

You are being dishonest here -- 14 shots are fired by that gun in LESS THAN THREE SECONDS!

You make it sound like the officer just shot away recklessly and unconscionably -- NOT TRUE!

I am not saying the shooting was right -- but you are just inflaming the situation and are as uninformed as the man you mock (who I am not a fan of either -- but your dishonest rhetoric is not helpful).

James Rowen said...

There is nothing dishonest in the posting. For the record, the consultant said in between three and four seconds.
My point is about Walker saying he did not know enough to verbalize an opinion is a political dodge. That is what this posting is about.