Friday, December 26, 2014

The unbearable certitude of Julianne Appling, buttinski

The Madison Capital Times is running an interview today with a leading Wisconsin opponent of same-sex marriage who feels comfortable verbalizing some stunningly self-important opinions about truth, history and other people's loves.

It is worrisome that someone with such frightening certitude has access to Wisconsin's leading right-wing political leaders who influence public opinion and write, interpret and enforce the law:
"There’s no right or wrong side of history," the president of Wisconsin Family Action says in her office. "History’s being made every single day. It’s not predetermined. I’m making history now. So are you. What I am concerned about is being on the right side of truth. I work hard to know what that is, and I don’t have to guess. It’s laid out for me. I don’t have to guess. And so, organizationally and personally, we’re concerned about staying on that right side of truth — and that is to promote this institution of marriage in a heterosexual format."
It takes full-on delusion and limitless narcissism to believe that you are the right side of truth - - especially as if there were one absolute that makes everything else a lie - -  when even this US Supreme Court has told you you're wrong.


jimspice said...

Given Appling's personal story, her stance is a definite head shaker.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Agree Jim- Whole lotta self-loathing there with Julianne and her live-in "friend."