Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Walker increasingly undecided or uninformed

Hey, it isn't all the glamorous stuff like visits to Sheldon Adelson or appearances with other Presidential wannabes for our guy:

He's been sitting for year-end interviews this week and wants you to know he hasn't thought through running for President, wiping out private-sector union rights, endorsing or rejecting torture, or backing mandatory retirement ages for duly-elected judges and State Supreme Court in mid-term, as Bill Lueders reports.

Also on the cannot-clarify list: Specifics about immigration reform or diplomatic relations with Cuba, though Walker has bashed President Obama over both, as this summary post documents.

Or whether the 14-shot killing of Dontre Hamilton was justifiable.

So what's on Walker's full plate? Let's see what we can decipher from his Twitter account:

 · 5 hours ago
More year end interviews this morning.
Well, that closes that loop. 


Anonymous said...

You are posting misleading things today -- this has nothing to do with "undecided" or "uninformed" - he simply is not going to make any public statements as to what types of divisive "bomb" he will drop on Wisconsin.

Surely you have followed him telling people out-of-state that he's "learned his lesson" and is no longer going to get thousands out in the street -- but this doesn't mean he has moved away from "divide and conquer" because he has consistently told his out-of-state fans and backers that more extreme "reform" is coming.

So who is uninformed? Remember, this is Milwaukee journal sentinel's guy. walker is a media creation and propped up entirely with propaganda.

So he gives blow off answers and the media lets him get away with this -- you do not appear to be informed when you accept his non-answers and then mock him as being "undecided" or "uninformed".

walker knows exactly what he and his cohorts are going to do and he also knows it serves no purpose to broadcast them.

James Rowen said...

Nuance lost on some readers.

Anonymous said...

As much as I love sarcasm, it is best to be explicit in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

You need to move on, Old Man, Wisconsin has spoken, three times, and they agree with Scott Walker.