Monday, December 8, 2014

Iowa righties, Palin pal love Walker. Ryan, too...

I wrote about Scott Walker's growing fixation with Iowa, and what do you know - - seems the reverse is on the rise, too.

Key Iowa Republicans say they prefer Scott Walker, but heart Paul Ryan, too, as the party's January 24, 2015 candidates' cattle call/Star Wars bar scene gathering looms there:

For example:
Longtime Republican insider Becky Beach — one of Iowa’s most prolific fundraisers who’s been a close ally to Sarah Palin and was a personal assistant to former first lady Barbara Bush — also warned that it’s still early to definitively handicap the 2016 presidential race. 
“I absolutely think both Paul Ryan and Scott Walker are excellent candidates and will be competitive should they decide to enter the 2016 race,” Beach said. “They are both solid conservatives with proven track records — outgoing, accessible and smart. 

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Anonymous said...

She thinks Walker is smart? Wow. I think he lacks intelligence and integrity.