Tuesday, December 16, 2014

WI GOP has new way to screw the jobless: Don't take their calls

More than three years ago, Republican legislators played an ugly little game with people in the state who were out of work and eligible for unemployment assistance:

Delay the checks.

Now Gov. Walker and his bureaucrats - - knowing the percentage of those in the state without work long-term exceeded the rates in most other states - - were all along employing a new, more hidden method of screwing the jobless:

Not taking their calls. By the millions. At state call centers. For years.


Max B. said...

Walker: "Everyone that wants a job can find a job."

Anonymous said...

Turns out Walker was right. He said we have a "WORK" problem . His Dept. of Work Force Development......"DOESN'T WORK!"

Jim Limbach said...

I filed a work/comp claim. Never got paperwork from the state. Hmmm