Friday, December 19, 2014

WTMJ-TV just said the Hamilton family just shutdown the freeway

Steve Chamraz, at about 6:06 p.m. - - a little overstatement, don't you think, as you were reporting tonight's freeway disruption.

Sheriff David Clarke said it was the work of out-of-town anarchists. So which is it - - the family, the out of town agitators who infiltrated the group, or perhaps the people themselves?

From Clarke's news release:
I want to alert the public of information that has come to our attention regarding the potential of disruptive tactics. A credible source has informed us that several anarchist groups led by outside persons, are gathering in the Milwaukee area to plan disruptive activities both before and after the decision by Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm regarding the Dontre Hamilton case. 
The information indicates that the groups have exploited the tragic situation involving the death of Mr. Hamilton, to destabilize daily activities of law-abiding citizens in public and private spaces open to the public. This includes the use of blockades on the interstate system and around other roadways to prevent law enforcement from responding quickly to emergency situations. These leftist groups use the tactic of hiding among legitimate peaceful protestors to conduct their illegitimate campaign. 
We are asking members of the public to report any activities like those described to law enforcement as soon as possible and to provide detailed descriptions of any actors involved. 
The station's on-line story about 60 arrests so far.

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