Monday, December 22, 2014

State Sen. Tiffany discovers another "principle"

GOP State Sen. Tom Tiffany, (R-Hazelhurst), the chief water carrier for sweetheart iron and frac sand mine bill-writing, and also for closing forest lands with a public subsidy near the potential iron mine site - - has discovered another "principle" - - his word:

Using the law as a partisan cudgel to remove or weaken the sitting, duly-elected Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

In the middle of her term.

For spite, not cause

Tiffany's role in the GOP tag team attacking the liberal, nationally-recognized Abrahamson: undoing Wisconsin's long-standing practice that designates the long-sitting Justice as Chief Justice - - something the current group of ultra-rightist Republicans already in control of all three branches of state government cannot abide.

The once-respited Wisconsin Supreme Court has been so degraded willingly by its new conservative majority that it solicited and then accepted a draft code of ethics written by some of the same corporate interests which had supported the conservatives' campaign committees.

True story.

The worst thing about these blatant partisan and ideological power plays hidden in the language of "principle" is that GOP legislators engineering them - - with the support of their leaders and Gov. Walker - - is that none will fess up to their self-interested, shallow motives.

Glad to see more media focusing on the ageist, partisan attack on Abramahsom. I've been pushing it for weeks.


Anonymous said...

Taconite Tommy is the same clown that said the mining bill didn't reduce environment protection but he included the following language: " adverse impacts to the environment are expected and necessary" to protect the company against lawsuits for environmental damage. This man is an absolute liar who reaped monetary gain from G-Tec. He and Knutson are on a mission from Walker to insure partisan control of the Court. What they say is the opposite of their true motives.

Anonymous said...

As Re; the state Supreme court,they are trying to complete the coup d ' of the entire state.Koch and ALEC millions at work.