Saturday, December 20, 2014

National website looking for "Golden Duke" nominees, Read on...

Talking Points Memo is looking for worthy nominees to categories which, as you can see by the criteria would seem to be tailor-made for our esteemed WI Governor or legislators, et al. Note the 12/21 deadline:

1. Best Scandal -- General Interest
2. Best Scandal -- Sex and Generalized Carnality
3. Best Scandal -- Local Venue
4. Craziest Campaign Ad
5. Best Campaign Gaffe
6. Outstanding Performance In The Art Of Trolling 

7. Weirdest Conservative Freak Out

These awards not only mean nothing without your participation, they're also a lot less fun. So we'd love for you to suggest nominees who you think are deserving. To participate, email talk (at) with "Golden Dukes" in the subject line. Nominations are due no later than Sunday, December 21.

Identify the person you're nominating and make your case in no more than 250 words. Why do they deserve to be inducted into the Golden Dukes hall of shame? Please note: Nominees have to be specific, real persons. Parties, issues, and groups are not eligible.
On Tuesday, December 22, we'll share with you the nominees. Then they're off to our esteemed panel of judges, who will pick their favorite. The final awards will be announced December 31.

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