Monday, December 22, 2014

PolitiFact rates Walker lobbying disclosure promise "broken"

PolitiFact tracks Walker's broken promise to require more lobbying disclosure - - a promise that could be further from being honored in our lifetimes if Walker water-carrier and GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos follows through and downgrades the state oversight board known as the GAB - - now responsible for enforcing the state's obviously-weak lobbying laws - - into a partisan sham.

This FUBAR joins another Walker Broken Promise.


Anonymous said...

Gee -- mjs endorsed him with a bogus non-endorsement and has propped him up his entire political career (which is his entire like, having only worked at mcdonalds and then been a corrupt and dishonest student-gov candidate at marquette).

Just amazing -- a bit over 1 month since the mjs endorsement, they want to report this?

And does anyone think they have any credibility doing so?

I am not sure which of the 2 statements above are more disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Whoever would have thought that Wisconsin's state motto, 'Forward', would come to mean where our representatives got their lobotomies?