Thursday, December 18, 2014

County Board rejects O'Donnell Park sale, for now

The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors has narrowly turned down a plan to sell O'Donnell Park and its parking structure to Northwestern Mutual - - an issue laid out on this blog through guest writings by thoughtful opponents nearly a month ago.

Is this the end of it? I doubt it, given the players and broader development context involved.

Big projects which involve public sector permissions often run into initial opposition, then a final approval. I'm thinking of Miller Park siting and financing proposals, the initial plan for what is now Discovery World on the lakefront, the Potawatomi Casino deal, the controversial rebuilding of the Edgewater Hotel complex in Madison, and separately, an arts and civic center in there.

So it would not surprise me to see a reconfigured O'Donnell Park plan, with more money, public access guarantees and other public benefits added to swing a close "no" vote to "yes."

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Anonymous said...

It's not going to take anything more than when the board members become part-timers.