Friday, December 19, 2014

Walker will use wolf ruling to 'stand' with base, 'stand up' to feds

Walker will find a way to manipulate for personal advantage his voters in his Tea Party gun and hunting base by opposing a Federal court ruling Friday reinstating protection of wolves in Wisconsin and several other states.

He did it with the failed effort to continue same-sex marriage discrimination, with the Amtrak funding he blocked, and separate federal Medicaid funding he turned back, and is poised to use food stamp and other aid recipients as drug-tested foils and fodder despite the failure of a similar program in Florida - - all to fuel his Preposterous Presidential Pratfall Tour.

Walker has a range of options to stand with his gun and hounding lobbies and friends, from news releases to Fox TV appearances to a state-authorized and wasteful legal appeal, but trust me, Walker will not let the opportunity pass.

Expect him to throw in his opposition to new US EPA clean air rules, somehow linking a federal court ruling on one thing to an agency ruling on something unrelated - - a conflation against a level of big government he and his core backers constantly scapegoat.

And the wolves, or the environment they help maintain?

Purely expendable.


Anonymous said...

The words "Scott Walker" and "Presidential" in the same sentence truly is preposterous.

Anonymous said...

So, are you saying there will be lawsuits over this and more of our tax dollars wasted over yet one more frivolous lawsuit. Just think of how much tax dollars he could save us if he would stop with the lawsuits. I feel absolutely certain that the next AG will be even worse.

I would like to meet the person who told Walker he was presidential material. They need to have their eyes opened as he couldn't be further from Presidential material than all the wolves he's allowed to be killed.

Anonymous said...

If he takes a stand against this ruling it will show once again that he is all about self promotion for political gain. For gosh sakes how about he do something about WEDC, like killing it instead of wolves. Also how about jobs and the student loan issue. Wolves shouldn't even be on his radar but as we know his NRA buddies deserve to kill at will and they vote for him.