Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Good news for Obama further diminishes minor GOP player

Headlines like these suggest Republican Presidential candidates are going to have a tough time attacking President Obama, or as he's also known, "Time Magazine's Person of the Year."
U.S. primed to drive global growth
Scott Walker, for example, will have a tougher time explaining headlines like these:
Wisconsin's private-sector growth rate lags nation
As the going gets tougher and if you are a poseur like Scott Walker, all you can do is to to serve up more your unique blend of incoherence and word salad that proves you don't know what you are talking about:
Scott Walker criticizes Barack Obama on immigration, foreign policy
Walker, who is mulling a run for president in 2016, joined a lawsuit earlier this month seeking to block Obama’s executive action sparing as many as 5 million people living illegally in the United States from deportation. Obama announced the action in November, saying it was an important step to fix the nation’s broken immigration system.
“This is a dramatic overreach of his authority,” Walker said...
On how he would resolve the problem of the estimated 12 million immigrants living in the United States illegally, he said he’d “leave that up to the people who are running for federal office or in federal office to decipher.”
"Decipher?"  Does he mean "determine?" Or "decide?" Or "define?"

Hey, decipher that!


CJ said...

decipher! molotov!

Anonymous said...

walker doesn't need to explain anything -- milwaukee journal sentinel and the rest of the media echo chamber that they lead will provide all of the excuses.

Just like in Nov election cycle -- they will tell us that everything is hunky-dory and that walker is a god -- no a FURHER!

And then milwaukee journal sentinel will endorse him and his policies with endorsements that they will claim are not endorsements.

Because they don't do that anymore...

Right -- you can't believe you're lyin' eyes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe going back for that college degree might help with his English.

Typical Walker -- Leave it up to somebody else to determine what should be done so he doesn't get blamed for anything. It's always someone else's fault don't you know. The buck never stops with him.

English Major said...

"Maybe going back for that college degree might help with his English . . . . . "

That's doubtful. One can't express oneself clearly without being able to think clearly first.