Thursday, December 25, 2014

WI tax cuts created a deficit, so get ready for the 'solution'

Ideology in, ideology out.

Expect Walker to 'resolve' the budget deficit he created through borrowings and tax cuts by submitting a budget balanced on the backs of low-income people and all municipalities downhill from state government that cut social programs, transit funding, and various aids to local governments and schools.

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Hidden revenue report shows Wisconsin still in the budget ditch

With the acquittal in the killing of Dontre Hamilton taking up a lot of the interest of the media in Wisconsin’s largest media market, it allowed the Walker Administration to drop the report of the state’s November tax revenues on Monday. And as I figured, the reason they were hiding the numbers are because they're not good, as overall tax collections were down even more in November, and for the fiscal year as a whole. We’ll use the adjusted figures from the Department of Revenue, as they reflect end-of-the-month money that was earned in November, but wasn’t counted until December due to the 30th being over a weekend.
Wisconsin Gen. Fund Tax Revenues, FY 2014 vs FY 2015, YTD FY2014 $5.258 billion
FY2015 $5.113 billion (-2.8%)

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Anonymous said...

Supply-side economics, that bold new idea embraced by our state GOP, engenders an oddly comfortable kind of cognitive dissonance.

The theory holds that, by incentivizing capitlists, the end result will be economic growth that results in a greater good for a greater number.

When it doesn't work, it must mean that the incentives weren't great enough.

When we get the dosage correct, the rosy future will arrive soon enough. Meanwhile, we'll have to bear the uncomfortable fact that the policy in the short run results in a greater good for a lesser number.

Keep the faith and don't worry so much.