Monday, December 8, 2014

I assume Gov. Don't Ask Me has no position on this bold proposal, either

Just as he would have you believe he has no position on the right-to-work work-for-less law - - since other people are purportedly in charge - - I'm guessing Gov. Don't Ask Me has nothing to do with or opine about another initiative very much in his political interest - -  to limit or get rid of that pesky John Doe statute,

How many times did we here that tiresome, self-glorifying "bold action" talking point from him, only to be replaced these days with, 'I dunno'?


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Anonymous said...

It seems like the only position he likes to assume is one with both hands out stretched waiting for money and then he will stand for or against an issue. He's milked the casino issue for all its worth. He 's the Sgt. Schultz of politics; "I KNOW NOTHING!"