Sunday, December 7, 2014

WI right's candidate-of-the-month fumbles Workplace 101

So the formerly-near anonymous Rock County District Court James Daley - - he being the Wisconsin right wing's instant designated campaign cudgel against liberal incumbent State Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley - - steps on to the big stage with a baffling idea that reinforces his lack of prime-time preparation:

He wants to assign a messy and still-unresolved state ethics complaint against State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser to an out-of-state judge somehow, somewhere who would as gullible and uninformed about law and jurisdiction and real-world reality as is our man Daley.

An analogy: the Milwaukee Brewers manager had used up all his bench players in a long extra-inning game, had no one left available to pinch-hit and asked the opposing team if he could pretty-please borrow a player for a crucial at-bat.

This all reminds of the take-away lesson I learned at one of those management training sessions to which an overly-optimistic supervisor in another life once sent me:

You never let someone walk into your office and make his or her problem your problem,.

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