Sunday, November 2, 2014

A vote for Burke is a vote against dirty tricks

[Updated, 5:20 p.m.] - - - - while I agree that it's generally better to vote for than against a candidate or a cause, and in Tuesday's election, you can have your ballot box cake and eat it, too.

Mary Burke is a breath of fresh air across the Wisconsin political landscape. She represents an opportunity to finally put a woman in the Governor's mansion, a chance to bring business experience into government without the corrosive selfishness that Tea Party corporate types like Ron Johnson drag with them, and a way to bring some balance to governance which is now 100% tilted to the extreme far right in the Legislature and the State Supreme Court, too.

And finally, voting for Burke is a way to make a statement against Scott Walker's grossly-negative term, administration and preposterous presidential politicking and the last-minute Nixonian dirty tricks timed to undermine and disrupt Burke's candidacy in its final days.

Dirty tricks - - with new examples revealed today - - and sleazy scheming at the tactical stage that are not dissimilar to the financial dirty tricks Walker and his allies employed to bring in secret campaign funds like the $700,000 from a West Virginia mining company that helped pay for Walker's recall win in 2012.

A vote for Mary Burke is a righteous combination of saying whom you're for, whom you're against, and most importantly, what tactics should be rejected and ejected from Wisconsin campaigns. 


Anonymous said...

Well, it's as good as it's going to get.

I'm just not sold that she ever had a better chance at beating Scott Walker than Tom Barrett.

The UWM Post didn't help either by writing an article on the campaign visit from the POTUS and closed with this "Early voting has already begun. Last day to vote is November 4." Really???

CJ said...

Another anon

50 shades of troll