Friday, November 14, 2014

Partisan items featured on Speaker Robin Vos' official webpage

The Robin Vos ego trip continues.

Is this appropriate, here? Legal?


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for them to deliver on the jobs promise. The Walker and Vos agendas appear to not include jobs except to make those without a job and those not earning enough to feed their family pee in a cup. They liken urinating to being a job skill and if we demand that those without a job do this enough low and behold they will now have a marketable skill that will lead to employment. Why the public can't see through this phony crap remains a mystery to me. These clowns are liars and crooks yet they continue to get re-elected.

boxer said...

Better yet is the statement: "Republicans will NOW deliver on our promises to create jobs and reform government." (caps mine)

Wow. Does this mean they were holding off on fulfilling the jobs pledge until after the election?
What an admission that is.

This guy has a worse case of popcorn head (light and fluffy) than I thought.