Sunday, November 16, 2014

Memo to WEDC: Why the campaign-style ads now?

Oh, I forgot: Walker's running for President, so cue $1.6 million in campaign-style ads. At a state agency Walker created. And chairs. With our money:
The tax-themed ads say that during Walker's first term, legislatures passed nearly $2 billion of tax relief. The infrastructure ads say the state Transportation Department has invested more than $6 billion into improvements.
The pattern is familiar. State resources are repeatedly used for Walker's political purposes. 


Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see Ryan Murray quoted as a WEDC official in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article "Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. launches effort to lure companies" - didn't he recently resign from WEDC?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Why yes, yes he did just pursue an "exciting opportunity in the private sector," which would be Ryan Murray's first-ever job in the private sector (cough....lobbyist?....cough)

Anonymous said...

If Walker would spend the same amount on creating jobs that he spends on PR or spends on lying about how he has helped Wisconsin then maybe Wisconsin would move forward at least a little.