Saturday, November 29, 2014

With Walker, it's politics 24/7/365

Walker lives a completely politicized existence, playing the lead character in a calibrated, self-promoting show at his direction that will air even the most trivial of events, like getting a haircut,

Even pure gibberish - - this one to establish his foreign policy red:
In '08, I visited Prague to see the US Amb to the Czech Republic.He showed me where Havel had come to the Amb's home
It's as if he's on a 24-hour home shopping channel selling his own image and nothing else.

Walker's career on our dime has been marked by hidden agendas, secret communications and shadow organization - - intentional opacity, with only his ambition fully transparent.

I can't imagine anything emptier.

1 comment:

Jake formerly of the LP said...

He has no ability to do anything else. Total lizard brain that's always trying to close on some sucker.