Sunday, November 2, 2014

Walker's spouse still has unnecessary official Tourism Dep't webpage

I'd pointed it out six months ago, and see that Scott Walker's wife Tonette still has a webpage and photos featured on the official state Tourism Department website.

The "Walk with Walker" strolls through parks which the Department decided to promote to the world ended two week ago.

No offense to First Lady Tonette Walker, but this represents a political decision and is a blatant and partisan misuse of public funds.

For goodness sakes, Scott Walker has multiple official departmental webpages with his pictures al lover them, as I noted in May (sorry for the odd coding below):

Should "Walks With Walker" - - Tonette - - Rate State Tourism Feature, Webpage? 
I'm sure these are nice events, but promoting "Walker"on yet another state website in an election year is getting repetitive and blatant. Isn'tthis onefor his office enough? Orthis oneat WEDC? Orthisone for Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection?

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