Tuesday, November 25, 2014

About latest Walker Doe document dump, color us inured

More John Doe I evidence was released today showing the systematic evasion of the Wisconsin Open Records law and flagrant merging of campaign work with public business by the Scott Walker Milwaukee County Executive's office as he ran for Governor.

Old news to us oldsters here. Maybe fresh media and legal eyes will make hay out of the disclosures, but at this point it seems as if Walker spent wisely on a legal team and Teflon by the carload to skate through Doe I relatively unscathed.

And as he said often, charged with no crime.

I think Walker's shady, 2012 campaign financing has more political staying power, especially since his personal participation in some of it was documented.

And $700,000 in one dollop is a lot of benefit to have slipped into your campaign through a third party by a business - - GTac mining - - which you're helping with sweetheart legislation worth billions of dollars over several decades.

If John Doe II is allowed to run its course, it would politically trump Doe I and Tuesday's lamentably repetitive emails.


Anonymous said...

"And as he said often, charged with no crime."


A. Wag said...


Is that really the standard he wants to be judged by?

James Rowen said...

Didn't work out too well for Tricky Dick.

Anonymous said...

One would think now that Walker has total power and control over government he would be hatching some maneuver to kill Doe2 once and for all. This has to be an albatross hanging over his political quest for the White House. If the Doe records could some how be leaked Scotty would be toast forever and for always. Perhaps if Kevin Kennedy falls under the Vos knife he could write a book about what the GAB knew and thought to be illegal!

Jonathan Swift said...

Big julie from "Guys and Dolls" Well, I used to be bad when I was a kid, but ever since then I've gone straight, as has been proved by my record: Thirty-three arrests and no convictions!