Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Good news, Bucky. WI is 32nd on some business survey list

Out of the bottom third, at last! So four years of Fitwalkerstan voodoo is worth something.


Anonymous said...

We're 32! We're 32!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Scott Walker's pals are going all in to promote him for President. (The words "Scott Walker" and "President" in the same sentence still make me laugh.)

And his "hunting" commercial with Cathy Stepp just aired - nothing more than a campaign ad, paid for by (as Scott Walker would say) "the "hard working Wisconsin taxpayers".

Boxer said...

He waved his magic FitzWalkerSchtick over it and moved us foroard--or however he says it. Shades of Tommy Thompson's Encephalawfulawfulous--the disease you neither want to catch, nor get as your word in the Spelling Bee finals.