Thursday, November 20, 2014

Though world to end tonight, no run yet on survivalist supplies

[Updated] The world is still on its axis. The President gave a great speech. Both scripture and George W. Bush have been quoted. Simply put, for many immigrants, no more deportations! Now it's up to the right in the US House of Representatives to pass a decent bill, as the Senate has already done].

Righty radio is winding up a few days of doom-and-gloom before President Obama's speech tonight about The Surrender to Illegal Aliens, yet local stores report shelves still stocked with water, milk, eggs, cheese curds, t.p., batteries, food drying kits, ammo, Pepto-Bismol, wine boxes, 12-packs and comic books, so what gives?

Another hint that there may bet be tomorrow: none of the major networks is carrying the speech live.

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Anonymous said...

The fact that none of the networks find Obama's action to be earth shaking makes the Republican claims of evil doing by the President nothing more than political posturing to try and create a crisis that will distract the public from their "do nothing" agenda!