Saturday, November 15, 2014

Walker is confiscating your $322, Bucky

Ah, your $322. Remember all that dough you were told during the campaign you be getting from Daddy Walker Warbucks?

Scott Walker bought a lot of votes for $322, and asked you what you planned on doing with it.

Well, now we know where some of it's going next year.

To higher electric rates, as ordered by his Public Service Commission.

And, in one form or another - - higher prices at the gas pump and other 'transportation' taxes or fees - - to the politically-connected, well-oiled road-building-and-trucking machine to widen more highways, though driving is on the decline.

Next up: $1 billion + for the added I-94 lanes, ramps, bridges and walls over and through Milwaukee's West side, cemeteries and Story Hill's border.

Details about Walker's new surtaxes, here.

No coincidence that this is taking place after the election. Just as Walker's Act 10 got rolled out after the 2010 election. How long before these new taxes and fees are labeled "modest," a boon to "flexibility," or even "progressive"?

Walker is taking back your alleged tax savings, and plans on cutting back transit funding, too - - so fares will go up and hit students, seniors and millennials without cars the hardest.

Do the Walkerites seriously think this is the way to attract young people to the state, or to keep them around after they graduate from college?

Defund transit, add an extra $50 tax on hybrid and electric car owners, to be penalized for trying to do the right thing, use less gasoline, keep the air cleaner and reduce climate change greenhouse gas emissions - - all in line with national priorities?

No wonder there's a Wisconsin brain drain - - and that deficit begins right at the top.

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