Friday, November 14, 2014

Walker, GOP launch tax-and-spend Friday middle-finger

If you believed Walker and all his no-new-taxes b.s., get ready to pay more in growth-killing taxes and fees at the pump, at the car dealership and in additional fees to the DOT for your mistakes. 

Now that the election is over - - and though young WI college grads say a lack of transit is one of the things that helps push them to leave the state - - bring on the new sop to road builders:
Gov. Scott Walker's transportation secretary on Friday recommended boosting taxes and fees by more than $750 million over two years to help pay for roadwork. 
Among the changes proposed by Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb is a tax on new vehicles that would come to an additional $800 on a $32,000 car. 
His proposal...includes changing the gas tax so that it is partially based on the average wholesale price of fuel. The change would have the effect of raising the gas tax — now 32.9 cents per gallon — by about 5 cents, Gottlieb said.
And a special, $50 annual stick in the eye to hybrid vehicle owners, you evil green drivers. 


Anonymous said...

What the heck. Why isn't bus fare increasing too? Buses use roads and riders benefit from public transportation.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Bus fare HAS been increasing in most places in Wisconsjn the last few years, in no small part due to cuts to transit aid in the Age of Fitzwalkerstan

MadCityVoter said...

Haven't you heard -- mass transit is now a social service. We'll get ours with the daycares, the warming shelters, the veterans' homes and the psychiatric hospitals. Take that, you bus-riding socialists! Next thing they'll be requiring proof of car ownership to vote!

And what help will we get from the Dems? Here's hoping they have a "You can't spell 'Business' without 'Bus'!" campaign all lined up and ready to go because God help us once the squawkers and the GOPpers get to demonizing we poor mass transit-dependent city folk. What scum we are; they hate us because they know how dependent they are on us -- without the cities the WI economy goes "poof!" Sorry, cows and scenic resort areas. And we here in the city need buses to do what we do with maximum efficiency. Tread on us at your peril!

Anonymous said...

That's a very interesting dichotomy. Pubic transportation uses would be upset over fare increases to help pay for transportation infrastructure cost increases not being paid for by environmentally conscious Prius owners through the gas tax.

Anonymous said...

He also could charge all of us to pee in his cup. The way it's going we are all going to have to pee in a cup just by virtue of living in Wisconsin. There is no doubt about it Walker is a "pisser".

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And by the way, Transit is out of the Transportation Fund, and is in the General Fund. In the flip side, there's more funding for buses and other capital items, and money for CNG stations for transit.

We'll see how it all shakes out, especially given how deficit-ridden this budget is

Anonymous said...

They're losing graduates because of transit? Read that again. None of the students mentioned anything except they want to work in big urban cities for their entry level marketing jobs.

Milwaukee is the biggest retainer of young graduates. Nobody mentioned the MCTS as being insufficient for their needs.

Wisprig liberal lobbyists are the only people confusing a major urban city with public transit. That's not a reliable source.