Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fresh reminder of criminal activity at Walker's County doorstep

Kelly Rindfleisch was convicted of breaking the law by performing campaign work on public time while deputy chief of staff to former Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.

But unlike five other Walker aides or associates or donors also convicted, Rindfleisch has appealed her conviction, making news as Walker continues to sell himself as Presidential timber nationally.

Will the former Walker aide and fund-raising assistant go beyond her most recent appellate loss and keep the story alive that much longer?

Of course, the appeal is her right, but I wonder if her unwillingness to disappear, perhaps at Walker's expense, is the silent statement by a scapegoat?


Anonymous said...

To those who say John Doe should be over and forgotten now that Walker has been re-elected, remember that Nixon's winning in a landslide in '72 didn't make Watergate go away. More people should have listened to your father-in-law when he said the administration was the most corrupt in history.

Anonymous said...

The news today makes me wish the the John Doe investigation had been a John DOAR investigation.

Sue said...

He either cluelessly surrounded himself with criminals, looked the other way while criminals underneath him ran roughshod, or was a part of the criminal behavior taking place in his office. Now that he's running for president someone might actually ask him that question, and follow up with a request to explain why that makes him worthy of the presidency.
Not anyone in Wisconsin, of course.
Run, Scotty, run.

Anonymous said...

Walker was not clueless as to who surrounded him as Milw. County Exec. The way he runs things is that he has secret meetings where he tells them the outcome he expects and then leaves them to their own devices as to how they accomplish what he wants done. You see, that way he can always claim innocence in the way they manage the outcome and blame them for bad judgement. Or, as I have heard him say many times, "It's what they wanted." As though he didn't want the same thing. He sets up every thing he does in such a way that he can always walk away. The buck never stops with him, but always stops with the people under him.

Anonymous said...

I thought this decision was immediately appealed to the WI Supreme Court. No doubt that court will reverse her conviction proving that any law may be broken in Wisconsin as long as Scott Walker is the beneficiary.

Water Lily said...

With her pitifully short 6 months jail sentence, Kelly will be out in plenty of time to be appointed to another cushy state made-up job from which she can again assist Walker's presidential campaign on the taxpayer dime. (Campaign start date: Nov 5.) The ends always justify the means!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is why she pled guilty and didn't give Walker up. She knew she would eventually be appealing her case in a court in which she was sure to win.