Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WI open to new damaging water plant, ineffective eradication plan

Who is surprised in this era of lax WI DNR enforcement and disdain for science that a new invasive plant species has been found in a Wisconsin lake, and Michigan officials who have been battling it say the WI DNR's method of getting rid of it is known to make the problem worse?

Wrong-Way Walker, literally.


Anonymous said...

We know that since 2011 there is only one way to do things in Wisconsin....the Walker way. Rarely is it ever the right way or a way that helps people but if Walker declares it is good his legislative lemmings fall in line and ram it through usually under the cover of darkness and behind closed doors. No other points of view are consider as Walker speaks directly to God and who can argue with that for a consultant. The only problem is that Walker considers David Koch god and he worships at the altar of corporate greed not on bended knee like the rest of before the God that cares that those who have too little are provided enough!

Missing Sather Gate said...

Many of the WDNR programs and enforcement actions to prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species are funded through the WisDOT Transportation Fund. Unfortunately, in the recent election, the voters preferred that WisDOT spend their (really ours) money exclusively on pavement, not on preventing or mitigating the negative impacts of the use of cars transporting boats on roads linking lake to lake. We will continue to discover why this Statewide Referendum was bad, as programs, policies, research and enforcement of actions resulting from the use of roads lose funding.