Sunday, November 16, 2014

WI wolf hunt stalled; eight more legal kills allowed

In the two previous years of the politically-inspired and legal Wisconsin wolf harvesting killing, Department of Natural Resource officials have tolerated extra kills - - one above the agreed-upon quota in 2012 ,and six last year.
Gray Wolf Photo by Gary Kramer. Check the photos tab for additional photos.
The DNR says that's because it's impossible to hit the number precisely because hunters are allowed 24 hours to phone in their sniping, trapping and head-shot successes, and, to date, DNR officials have not closed out a season by erring on the side of caution.

It's more or less a 'sh** happens' scenario. A few extra wolves get killed, but DNR officials in charge of managing these commonly-owned animals figure nature will make more.

As DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp might put it, 'bend the rules to fit the players.'

And besides, the big boys with their dog packs and fancy GPS-wired ATV's get into the action when the gun-deer season ends in two week - - an only-in-Wisconsin cruelty sop to the conservative gun and bear hunting lobbies- - and the DNR wants to make sure those folks get their share of the family fun, too.

So we'll see when the wolf hunting season is declared closed, and the only wolves still being killed are  taken illegally ('shoot, shovel and shut up' kills), or in collisions with vehicles - - both substantial killers of Wisconsin wolves - - if the quota of 150 was enforced, or allowed to work its way higher.
Here are the current numbers:
ZoneQuotaHarvestZone Status

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Anonymous said...

So why not cut the kill short of the quota rather than run the risk of over kill? Because the DNR mission is to serve customers not protect and preserve animals and resources. WE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER....Wisconsin is open for Business!