Monday, November 3, 2014

Appleton, WI, daily endorses Burke; With State Journal, conservative trend?

The Post-Crescent gives her the nod - - "we recommend Mary Burke" - -  joining Madison's State Journal as the second conservative paper this past weekend turning away from Wrong-Way Walker to his Democratic rival.

Joe McCarthy is buried in Appleton and The John Birch Society is headquartered there, too.

Liberal, it is not.

Something's happening here, Bucky.


Anonymous said...

The Post Crescent is conservative? You may want to try reading it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Oh November 3 Anon. don't try to spin that Appleton isn't one of the most conservative cities in the state with a daily Gannette paper to match. The home of Joe McCarthy NOT conservative? Please. I lived there. It is as conservative as can be. Highly educated yes and maybe that explains the Burke endorsement.