Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Walker's claim to a cleaner environment a shell game

You may remember that Scott Walker recently claimed that the Wisconsin environment is cleaner than it was when he took office.

Despite facts to the contrary.

Now we are learning, thanks to a break involving a Shell Pipeline Company pipeline at Mitchell Field, more of the details:

An experienced pipeline company employee responsible for a massive 2012 jet fuel leak near Mitchell International Airport that cost $19 million to clean up has agreed to plead guilty to federal criminal charges. 
Randy Jones, the onshore corrosion coordinator for Shell Pipeline Company, L.P. faces up to five years in prison on each of the three counts detailed in a plea agreement filed late Friday in federal court in Milwaukee. Two allege violations of the federal Pipeline Safety Act, while the third charges Jones with making a false statement to the federal government.


Anonymous said...

Nothing in Wisconsin is cleaner since he took office!

Pat Small said...


Thanks for sharing with your readers my statement to the County Board. NML, "The Quiet Company" will be hearing a lot more about their effort to swindle Milwaukee out of O'Donnell Park. The collusion of County Executive Abele, et al with NML to purchase a public facility for less than 20% of its real value is truly scandalous, and possibly criminal.

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd re-post an article describing a pending lawsuit against the Public Service Commission. Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014
Clean Energy Group Says It Will Sue to Block We Energies’ Solar Rate Hikes
No justification for new ‘solar tax’ http://expressmilwaukee.com/mobile/articles/articleView/id:24399