Friday, November 14, 2014

Walker's PSC - - like his DOT - - has Friday flip-off for Wisconsin

A big week-ending news dump for Walker and his appointees, as his majority on the PSC raises We Energies' residential costs, lowers its business rates and hammers its solar customers - - on the same day his DOT proposed three-quarters of a billion dollars in new taxes and fees, too.

As I'd said, this was going to wait until after election, so Walker didn't have to explain why his agencies were further taxing the people.


Anonymous said...

Watch what he does with his no bid sales of state properties. He will stuff his campaign war chest and that of his fellow Republicans by having all potential bidders donate to Americans For Prosperity and Wisc. Club For Growth to avoid the appearance of impropriety and then the party that donates the most or commits to continued donations will be awarded to contract. I suspect that within a year he has completed the sale of all state properties so that he can cover his huge budget deficit and doesn't have to acknowledge his fiscal problems!

Boxer said...

Not to mention the huge, fancy-pants DOT building soon to finger the Madision horizon.

Unknown said...

That's why Walker is a snake in the grass. He waits until no one can stop him to screw the public. He doesn't care about Wisconsin! Why do people vote for him? Or don't vote at all!!!!!