Thursday, November 20, 2014

Walker hopes early trial balloon avoids these snags

[Updated, 8:02 p.m.] Here's why Walker is laying down his preposterous presidential marker even as the dust continues to settles after his Nov. 4th gubernatorial win.

*  He knows some Wisconsin voters and editorial board supporters will be irked by his limitless opportunism and obvious disinterest in the job they just handed him - - on the heels of suggesting, (wink-wink), he had plans only to serve as Governor.

By early next year those hurt feelings will be forgotten, so better for Team Walker to get that messy breakup out of the way now.

*  He needs to road-test and edit his numbing, canned robotic talking points and absorb some drama training to overcome his off-putting nasality and juvenile winking. Imagine that meeting Vladimir Putin, or leading national mourning after a major calamity.

 * And, most importantly, he needs to practice rebutting the hardballs likely to come his way from national reporters interested in these dozen subjects, rose starters:

"Walker secret router," "Amtrak, wasted millions," Kelly Rindfleisch, "Walker ultrasound, "Tim Russell, "state airplane misuse," and "GTac mining $700,000."

Not to mention "Walker original Tea Party Wisconsin."

This one, "Walker false PolitiFact" may break the Internet.

And this one is there for the picking: "Walker meeting."

Also "Walker Marquette dropout 2.59."

And, of course, "Walker John Doe."

Which on this blog alone locates 152 links. Such as this one.


Anonymous said...

I hope no one expected any different from Walker. Not "planning" anything but being governor is a false promise. Plans can always change. Not looking forward to having unqualified Kleefisch running this great state. Not at all!

Anonymous said...

He will self destruct on the national stage as there will be no friendly places to hide unless he comes back to Wisconsin and holds private press conferences here. The Wisconsin press has absolutely given him a free pass. A reporter told me that every time they try to engage him on an issue he simply stalemates them by refusing to engage. I would think that alone would result in deep digging investigation and if need be if local papers or media won't do it sell the story to a national publication and keep hammering him until he has to respond to save himself! If John Doe ever sees the light of day Scotty is S.O.L.

Anonymous said...

The early presidential talk is designed to deflect from the budget work and the impending bombs that he plans to drop. Bet you he talks about 2016 more than the budget over the next 3-4 months.