Monday, November 24, 2014

Pipeline op-ed, Tweet, graphic of the day

Strong op-ed about the Wisconsin pipeline that is also Tweeted about n the map below.

From the Eric Hansen op-ed:
Four county boards, representing counties along the pipeline route (Jefferson, Dane, Wood and Walworth) — have passed resolutions requesting the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources conduct a full review of Enbridge's plans.
Now is the time to stand up for clean water, common sense and an end to ill-advised proposals to expand tar sands crude oil shipments. Insist that your elected local, state and federal representatives ask questions and challenge permits for tar sands projects. Future generations will thank you. For more information, go to
And the Tweet, written separately:

Crude oil pipeline construction across America.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is raising the alarm. However, the words "Alert citizens connected the dots . . ." gave me pause -- isn't "connecting the dots" something that investigative reporters should be doing?

James Rowen said...

The op-ed is by an activist, not a newspaper employee.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected - thanks for the reminder. But the point remains -- why isn't the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel all over this story?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

It is not in JournalComm's interest to be all over the story. Surely you understand how this works by now