Saturday, November 29, 2014

America's gun fetishism goes upscale

Forget open carry at Starbucks or Wal-Mart; we're talking exclusive gun ranges: 
“We’re trying to create an environment where the captains of industry are proud to bring their clients,” said Richard Abramson, 66, Centennial’s principal owner...
'[Another] club’s M.G.A.s — an insider’s acronym for “Machine Gun Adventures” — are a major selling point, allowing members to choose from at least 20 types of automatic firearms. “It’s almost like a grown man’s candy store,” said Walter Abrams, 39, a sales manager at the club. “There’s not much we don’t have.” 
After a few hours on the range, V.I.P. members can retire to the Titanium Lounge, which has comfortable couches and busy attendants. “We have a couple of M.L.B. guys that treat this place like ‘Cheers,’ ” said Mr. Abrams, referring to the club’s Major League Baseball contingent. Despite the crackle of gunfire, there is a restful atmosphere. “One of the biggest things is tranquillity,” he said. “It’s a privacy area.”

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