Friday, November 21, 2014

Facing deficit, Walker will slash and trash services

So that Mary Burke's campaign statements about the looming state deficit do not upend Scott Walker's plan to steer the nation on Wisconsin's right direction, look to Walker and the GOP legislature which serves him to cut deeply into every program statewide with the exception of lobbyist-controlled highway building, lost causes at the WEDC and politicized, private school vouchers.

If not, headlines like these will let conservatives in Iowa and New Hampshire see Walker's fraud:
Wisconsin faces projected $2.2 billion budget shortfall

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Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Wisconsin is in for death by attrition as Walker will cut big time most agency services claiming they are just more government dependence that is keeping Wisconsin from moving forward. Why would any business want to operate or relocate to a state that is moving backwards. We appear to be destined under Walker to be a low wage big box retail economy. As such our your spending becomes my income and my spending becomes your income will only facilitate no growth as few have living wage jobs and not enough earnings to raise demand and consequently jobs!