Saturday, December 7, 2013

Scott Walker's Illeism

Herman Cain, Elmo and others who talk about themselves in the third person might be impressed with the self-referencing and artificial self-importance that Scott Walker stuffed into a puffed-up op-ed that appeared over his name in The Chicago Tribune.

But Walker's narcissistic bragging and snarking in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual's home town major daily about whether the Mayor would hammer public unions and thus become "the Democrats' Scott Walker" shows the Wisconsin Governor's national exposure is going to his head.

Noted more than once, here.

Bottom line: beware of politicians who talk out loud about themselves as if they were a noun, a title, a symbol, with the powers of a metaphor.

Scott Walker doesn't do humble very well.

Let's just say it isn't his calling.

Posted at Purple Wisconsin.

(Note: You can download the Trib story for free if you sign up for the paper's digital service, which costs nothing and for which you get a small number of downloads gratis. The Capital Times also had a story about the Walker op-ed, here, and it offers much of the content. Maybe Walker will post it all on his official website, or his campaign website?)

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