Monday, December 9, 2013

Video Suggests WI Drivers Abuse Speed Limit, So Why Raise it?

With Speaker Robin Vos' backing, the Assembly has passed a bill to raise the speed limit on Wisconsin Interstates, and State Highway 41 north of Milwaukee, to 70 mph from 65 mph.

But this video recorded by WisDOT cameras showing reckless driving and multiple wrecks in a snowstorm this weekend on Highway 41/45 suggests the better idea is better driver education instead of speed limit signs with higher numbers.

Encouraging Wisconsin drivers to go faster is going to cost lives.

The State Senate needs to put the brakes on a bad idea, about which we now have actual, tragic evidence.


Gareth said...

One of the arguments for raising the speed limit to 70 mph --in actual practice 80 mph with FIB's doing 90-- is that autos handle so much better now thanks to new technology. Unfortunately the same old near sighted, sleep deprived, inattentive and often inebriated humans are driving them. There has been no technology update there yet.

Ron from IL said...

This has nothing to do with speed limits during normal weather. This has to do with drivers going too fast for conditions. It doesn't matter what the sign says... when it is snowing you need to slow down.

Boxer said...

Thank you, Gareth. Good points. It also has to do with SUV and pick-up truck drivers thinking that their large, heavy vehicles make them impervious to weather conditions, driving regulations and injury should they become involved in an accident. Some, of course, not all.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what the weather, most drivers on Wisconsin highways are speeding. If the speed limit says 65 people are going 75 or 80. Instead of raising the speed limit they should have more police giving out tickets or cameras. The increase in tickets could easily pay for the wages of the additional police force or the cameras installed on every road & inner section. People who tailgate, speed while driving are nothing more than law breakers.

Anonymous said...

If the government regulators would get out of the way and allow our vehicles to be built of Rearden Metal then accidents like this would not hurt anyone.

People could be freed to drive as they wish without the nanny state causing injury by over regulation.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 8:07,

Let's not forget the all of the lawbreakers who kiss on a train or maybe we should start fining those who cut a woman's hair.

Think of all the revenue that could create.