Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wisconsin Is Of Two Minds About Cruelty To Animals

There has been a lot of constructive and illuminating discussion in our state recently about cruelty to animals spurred by the posting of a video showing abusive behavior towards dairy cows at one Wisconsin farm.

It has made people think about what they eat, and what they may be taking for granted or overlooking.

All to the good.

So will similar questions be raised about how we recreate outdoors and treat other animals under our control, as the state now sanctions the use of dogs in wolf hunting and there are reports on the Internet of violent confrontations having taken place recently between dogs and wolves before the wolves are eventually shot to death.

No other US state with a wolf hunt allows dogs. Wisconsin is an outlier on this matter and it does not speak well for us.

Plus roughly 200 of the kills in this year's 'harvest' been carried out by trappers who are legally permitted to 'dispatch' those captured wolves with a gunshot to the head.

Seems to me that we have have double or slippery standards when it comes to how people are allowed to treat some animals in some circumstances in Wisconsin.

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